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Keep It Simple:

Jesus is Lord

by Evangelist Derek Kelley

Short Sermon: Life today is complex and often stressful. In such an environment, it’s easy to lose sight of spiritual priorities. A popular catchphrase today is “Keep it Simple!” Many are realizing the importance of getting "back to basics". Apply this to your spiritual life, and you will find great blessings in refocusing on the Bible. “Just 15 minutes a day can bring you closer to Christ”.

Life on this earth is complicated. Make a determined choice to return to the simplicity that is in Christ. Reading a little each day will put you in a position to develop an intimate relationship with the Lord and placing Jesus in the center of all that we say, do, and think.

It is the power of God that gives us Salvation for all who believe, upon His Son, Jesus Christ.

People don’t need fancy speeches to get saved. They need a simple presentation of the Gospel of Christ — that we confess with our mouth, that Jesus is Lord, we believe in our hearts, God raised Him from the dead. “We are saved”. (Romans 10:8-10).

•• All God’s promises are received through Jesus. He is the guarantee for them to work in your life.

• Need healing? Jesus is the Healer.

• Need the fullness of the Spirit? Jesus is the Baptizer with the Spirit.

• Are you burdened in your heart for the salvation of a loved one? Tell him or her simply about Jesus, how He loves us and died for our sins and rose again.

• Need deliverance from habits? Jesus is there for you.

• Need victory over the devil? Live a life centered on Jesus, with His Name often on your lips.

In sum, stay focused on “the simplicity that is in Jesus Christ”. He is the answer to every need and every problem that we will encounter in this life.